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Idea to iPhone Masterclass


  • a fantastic app idea you’d love to make a reality, BUT….
  • You feel FRAZZLED with where to begin and are DESPERATE to simplify things.
  • You are SICK and TIRED of get-rich-quick guides and half-baked processes.
  • You are STRUGGLING to justify shelling out over $25K to a developer to build your idea.
  • You find yourself wondering…
  • “Am I really cut out for this?”
  • “Is it even possible to make an app without sacrificing all my savings and sanity in the process?”

Your efforts are killing you

and something needs to give.

Launching an app takes WORK, and trying to figure everything out ALONE will leave you feeling DRAINED, DEPLETED, and DEFEATED.

There’s an EASIER way to make apps that is truly


I’ve spent 10 years developing, testing & optimizing a step-by-step, easy-to-use system to produce successful apps without investing a fortune or fumbling through programming books.


My students’ apps have topped the charts, featured in the media, and have won over audiences all over the globe. These folks had two things: passion and an idea they believed in.

Mobile apps aren’t just “a passing fad”.

They’re THE thing to up your game.

Listen, I KNOW a lot of online “experts” are yelling in your face that the app gold rush is over and no one downloads apps…


When it comes time for those online “experts” to actually SHARE their advice…what do they do?


There’s still PLENTY of opportunity in the app market and you don’t have to be a programmer, rich, or super famous to enjoy success.

The Master Class is an easy to follow 8-Module course that

teaches you the specific steps that ANYONE can follow.


  • Creating an ENGAGING way to connect to an audience.
  • Throwing doors open to LUCRATIVE abundance.
  • Growing your tribe, list, Facebook group, followers…all in ONE place.
  • REACHING and HELPING countless people all over the world.
  • Enjoying the MASSIVE sense of accomplishment from creating and launching your own app.

You’ll learn exactly how to…

I take the mystery out of knowing whether your app idea will work, how to design it, where to find quality developers you can afford and trust, and how to harness the power of social media to make your app famous.

Using the “Idea to iPhone” Master Class, my clients have published their apps at lightning speed – some in 2 weeks you guys! They quit their jobs and been featured in the NYTimes, Forbes Magazine, the App Store front page, and in the heart of their countless grateful fans.

At the core of “Idea to iPhone” Master Class is unravelling the mystery and confusion around launching a SUCCESSFUL app. We give a heave-ho to hiring expensive developers, googling each step and throwing your arms up in frustration. Instead we enjoy steps so easy, your Grandma who just got her first iPad last week can do them.

Kicked Off July 1st

this is a live & interactive course

  • 00 days
  • 00 hours
  • 00 minutes
  • 00 seconds

what you get…

  • One-on-one advice from a best-selling app producer and coach on how to create and launch your first app
  • Coaching from marketing experts, programmers, and other successful app producers who have taken their idea to over $2M in funds
  • Clarity on exactly what app to produce and how to make your it stand out in the marketplace
  • The inside scoop on how the app business works and how you can profit from it
  • A plan for getting your idea out of your head, into a stunning design and finding rock star developers to build it
  • The confidence to believe your app is a winner and that you really do have eager fans out there just waiting for you to launch it

Don’t wait until someone else launches your app before you do!

Based on my Amazon #1 best seller Idea to iPhone

Exclusive with this course, you receive a completely updated version of my best seller “Idea to iPhone” – new tips, secrets, and insights to your app to market faster and with a crowd cheering for your success! This material is NOT available anywhere else!


Limited Spots Available

FREE to the 1st 500


  • Holds your hand through the tech hurdles and all the other confusing bits you’ve lost a sleep thinking about
  • Gives you an easy-to-follow, step-by-step system for planning & launching your first app (no more late nights googling what to do next)
  • Offers you every tool & template you need to keep momentum going and speed up your launch
  • Takes you from knowing absolutely nothing about app development to running a highly profitable mobile app
  • Connects you to an experienced network so you’re not searching for qualified developers or designers

What you can expect:

My system breaks the app process down into clear, manageable, bite-sized chunks. I like to work quickly and efficiently, so I designed my system to give you all the information you need to get the job done without overwhelming you with a bunch of crap that will slow you down and put you off from launching your app for another few years!

The Idea to iPhone Master Class includes:

8 Modules

Each one walks you through a different steps of launching a successful app by providing:

  • Updated content from “Idea to iPhone” v2 (never before released)
  • A clear, concise road map of exactly everything step
  • Easy to follow exercises and actionable steps
  • My personal templates to get you started
  • Powerful tips on everything from chucking out time for your project to how to grab Apple’s attention
  • Suggested practices for getting the job done
  • An incredible community of app producers to rally for your success

Value $3,997

3 Bonus Packets

1) Starter Packet: This packet gives you a bird’s eye view of the app production process, breaking down the work you’re about to do so you can map it out easily in your head before you start. It also provides exercises to get you clear on your brand, your voice, your book content and helps you whittle down exactly who is in your almighty target market.

2) Gratitude App Wireframe: This packet includes the screens and work flows of all the screens in the Gratitude app to use as a sample.

3) My Personal Templates: This packet has all my personal templates from project management tools, bug tracking, non-disclosure and sample contracts

Value $997

Over 20 Hours of Live Coaching

You will get a personal call before the class begins as well as exclusive access to group coaching calls each week. The calls go in-depth into the information covered in the corresponding daily Work Packet, walking you step-by-step through how to test your idea, craft the design, hire developers, launch and market. The calls also provide motivation to build your confidence, insights on how to manage your time, stay accountable, push yourself through challenges, launch the best app possible, connect to your tribe and remember that you are a total rockstar who was born to launch this app.

Value $3,497

4 Bonus Calls

1) $2M+ App Producer Call: You will access an interview and Q&A with Bobby George of Montessorium where we talk all about how to get your app idea out there, gain traction, and get funding for your app.

2) App Programmer Call: On this call, I interview my app developer and talk about what programmers need to get your project done on time and budget. We discuss what to expect and how to work with developers. And best of all, where to find the best ones.

3) App Marketing Calls: On this call I interview app marketing experts about the latest tools and tricks to monitor your app metrics, fix flow leaks, profit from your growing tribe, and connect to a wider audience.

4) Time Management Call On this call I share with you my best Time Management tips. I help you adopt the abundance mindset, habits and systems you need to not only create the time you need to finish your app (instead of waiting to “find the time”) but so you can finish it quickly.

Value $2,297

App Developer Community

You get exclusive access to an online community of app producers just like you. This is where the real juice is…a network of people to:

  • share tips
  • ask questions
  • get ideas
  • connect to the media
  • give your app five star ratings and help promote it after launch

You gain exclusive access for lifetime to both a private Facebook group and Slack channel.

Value: Priceless


Limited Spots Available

FREE to the 1st 500


I’m building 3 mobile apps!

I’ve browsed through countless app development books looking for insight on all the steps that go into, well, taking an idea for an app from a brilliant thought all the way through to a completed and functional mobile app. No other app development book I’ve seen goes into as great depth as your book! And in such a very non-intimidating way!

– Alex Johnson,

My app hit #1 and is featured by Apple!

Thank you, once again! I’m glad to have an amazing mentor like you! You helped me a lot in preparing my upcoming app’s marketing strategy and content. It has helped guide me in the right direction and you’ve been a great resource! I wouldn’t have had a fraction of the success if it weren’t for you. Thank YOU!

– Harshita Arora, Crypto Price Tracker

I love your girl power

I have used the gratitude app for more than two years and it has had a big impact on me. Thank you. I’m so glad to connect with you…making apps is possible for a beginner like me!

– Lisa Curtis, Doctorate Student

Thank you for listening!!

I appreciate your success and the positive attitude you share. You have such a deep knowledge of app production yet make it so easy to understand.

– Renee Helie Wheelock, Photographer

Soooo easy to follow

Carla has great tools and insight for beginners with ideas but little knowledge of how to get started. Her instruction method is engaging and easy to follow!

– Ileana Enid, Entreprenuer


Limited Spots Available

FREE to the 1st 500

Will this work for me?

The “Idea to iPhone” Master Class is designed for coaches, leaders and entrepreneurs who want to launch SUCCESSFUL apps.

Our students include:

Life Coaches
University Students
Small and Medium Business Owners
Yoga Instructors
Financial Consultants
Social Media Specialists
Non-profit Startups

(If you’re STILL not sure if the “Idea to iPhone” Master Class will work for your app, just shoot me a question in the chat box.)

Here’s how this 8-Week Course Breaks Down:



You’ll discover the “big picture” lessons and strategies needed to launch a profitable app.


Pay Per Download vs. Subscriptions vs. Adverts: We’ll demystify what’s profitable, and set you on a path that maximize the revenues you generate from your app. (Hint: Most people only focus on app downloads. In this module, I’ll show you why this is a critical mistake.)


How to Know Your App Idea is a Winner: There’s a VERY exact science in choosing an app idea that leads to downloads. You can build a gorgeous app that everyone praises you for, yet STILL not get people to tap that “Buy” button. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to discover what people want AND make them want to pay for it.


Setting Up Shop: Get all the tools you’ll need to connect with your tribe, manage your project, layout your idea, and test the code. Once you get everything set up, a tremendous weight is lifted, and you’ll fly through the next steps. We’ll explore popular tools like Asana, Sketch, Craft, Xcode…as well as some up-and-coming options that might fit your budget.


Finding your tribe. Pinpointing your target audience often trips up app producers, who find it irresistible to be all things for everyone. But before deciding exactly wat your app will do, it’s important to get clear on who it’s for.


Refining your story. Learn the ingredients of a compelling story and how to leverage the power of social media. We’ll also share tactics on connecting with your tribe’s influencers in a way that is respectful and want them promoting your app when it goes live.


Mastering the 3 Critical Rules of Apps. As soon as kid are born these days, they have a smart phone in their face. The constant app-addiction has changed the rules of app success and engagement. Learn what every app must master in order to keep their customers coming back for me.

MODULE 2:  Shaping Ideas in Apps People Want


You’ll learn how to create apps that people want to download with 3 different strategies: fix a problem, amuse and entertain, or connect people and places


Stirring up emotions: We’ll uncover what makes certain apps so engaging and fun by giving it personality, planting surprises and transforming it into a little friend people want to talk about.


Getting them hooked: Learn the four-step process embedded into successful apps that subtly encourages customer behavior. Through consecutive “hook cycles,” these apps reach their ultimate goal of bringing users back again and again without depending on costly advertising or aggressive messaging.


iPhone vs iPad vs Android: Pinpointing which device is right for your app is critical. We dig into the pro’s and con’s of each device and direct you to the best path for your app’s success.


Doing Your Research. We’ll discover ways to make your app idea better by discovering what’s trending and what’s falling from the charts. We’ll learn how to take your app idea and make it even better.


Making a (Mission) Statement. To keep your app project on course, we’ll write an app mission statement. This statement with be your North Star throughout your project, pointing you in the right direction to your tribe, your developers, and to your timely and affordable launch.


Prioritizing features. As tempting as it is to give your tribe everything their hearts desire, too many features can ruin your app’s success. You’ll learn what to cut out and what to leave in your first release.

MODULE 3: Designing Luxurious & Stunning Apps


We’ll reveal the quickest and most affordable way to design your app. Even if you haven’t drawn anything since Kindergarten, there’s actually quite a bit you can do yourself.


Designing like the Pro’s: You’ll learn methods and principles used by elite design firms. They’re affordable, agile and straightforward. Best of all, anyone can do them.


We’ll walk though every step of the design process, from pencil sketches to final production. You’ll discover the best tools to use and simple methods to landing a unique yet simple design.


You’ll learn how to whip up quick mockups and evolve them into interactive prototypes without writing a single line of code.


Fine Tuning Your Design. We’ll discover how to test your designs on your target market in a way that gets you quality feedback that you can use. I’ll show you how to turn around this feedback quickly to fine-tune your design and flow into works of art.


Designs that Really Stand Out. You’ll learn the basic principles of design and how to apply them, as well as some popular design trends.


Outsourcing to a Professional Designer. Elite app designers can be incredible hard to find and even harder to hire. You’ll learn where to look for quality talent, want skills they need, and what to expect once you bring them onboard.

MODULE 4: Developing Your App


Picking your developer can be the most overwhelming and difficult part of your project. I explain where to look for qualified and affordable developers and how to determine whether they are truly what they claim to be.


We help you filter out posers and rookies from the experienced and truly talented by showing you exactly what to look for with a checklist of qualifications, interview questions, and tips on how to review their work and references.


Comparing Apples to Apples. “Rough estimates” aren’t good enough. You need to know precisely what your app will cost, how long it will take, and most importantly, if the developer can deliver.


Creating a Spec That Says It All: Nearly as important as hiring the best developer is providing him or her with clear, thorough guidance. Learn how to make a meticulously detailed spec.


Kicking Off Development: Learn exactly what your develop needs from you to start your app project – because it tends to be what’s “unsaid” that leads to quarrels, headaches and high blood pressure.


Working with Developers. You’ll learn how to keep your developers happy and make their lives easier with my 7 secrets.

MODULE 5: Testing Your App


You’ll set up your Quality Assurance checklist that guides you through the testing process so no features get overlooked.


Technical hand-holding to get those first builds installed from your developer. We’ll guide you in the right method to get your build and how often to expect them.


Getting Started With Xcode. We’ll walk you through the basics of using Xcode to install an app on your device, run it in the simulator and creating builds to submit to the App Store.


Setting up Your Device For Testing: We’ll walk though the technical steps of setting up your “digital thumbprint” with Device ID’s, provisioning profiles, and certificates.


Keeping Track of Bugs can get pretty hairy, especially with a team of testers. You’ll discover a process for recording everything to ensure that all the details get passed along to your developer.


No matter how much work you put into hiring your developer, the project can still always go wrong for all sorts of reason. I’ll show you how to prepare yourself if the worst happens so you can move on quickly.

MODULE 6: Raising The Curtains and Going Live


Preparing your app before sending it to Apple involves a number of steps. This tutorial and checklists will relieve a TON of anxiety so you can rest assured nothing was missed.


Getting setup on Apple’s iTunes Connect. We’ll help you take care of all the legalities, taxes and financial details with Apple.


Prepare for Customer Care. Learn how to set up customer support so user’s feel valued and bugs come to you, not the App Store reviews.


Launch tricks to set up before you go live: I’ll share secrets that let you leverage influencers, your tribe and promo codes.


Learn how to create an effective sales page on the App Store entices people to tap that download button.


Learn tactics to improve your apps discoverability by selecting the right keywords.


Walk through my simple 3-step process of submitting your app to Apple for approval.


Launch day marketing checklist. We’ll be marketing throughout the entire course, but on launch day we engage in some fun that gets your app noticed.

MODULE 7: Making Money & Going the Distance


Learn how to not pay for advertising and having people come to you instead with my $5 marketing strategy.


Discover what to include on your App Website so the media can get what they need happily and quickly.


Discover how to expand your audience, increase your knowledge and improve your app by keeping focus on the bigger picture.


Launch tricks to set up before you go live: I’ll share secrets that let you leverage influencers, your tribe and promo codes.


Discover how to use all the information you have from your app to improve it and take it to the next level.


Adding new features is a fine process. Learn the steps involved and how to release updates so they are applauded in the media.


Learn when to expand to new platforms, markets, languages and whether you should just build a whole new app.

Plus These Bonuses:

bonus #1


(Value $997)

I’ll be honest: at some point, you’re going to be tempted to quit.

You’ll be whipping out designs, feeling all Picasso and mastering new software like a wizard…but then something breaks. A tool isn’t working. A design flow just isn’t coming together. Your developer isn’t panning out.

Just when you’re ready to scream at the top of your lungs while tossing your laptop across the room…you’ll turn to your personal group where other entrepreneurs are ascending the same mountain you are.

Others who already solved this problem, wanting to connect with you inside the Facebook group. Before you know it, your daily dip into this group will be some of the most inspiring and profitable moments of your day.

Not only are these fine folks an extra set of eyes on your designs, testers for your app, but also fans for your release….waiting to share 5-star reviews on the App Store.

…and that’s priceless.

bonus #2


(Value $3,497)

Have questions? Every week I’m hanging out with you, live in our Private Facebook Group answering all your questions.

The key to launching your app is keeping momentum going in your app project. So I’m online to help you get UNSTUCK so tiny details don’t hold your app project hostage.

I’m with you live every week troubleshooting, offering inspiration and leveraging our talent pool. I stay until we get through every question, no matter how obscure.

And because I know how much my students learn on these live sessions, I also give you access to past videos. You can hear questions others asked and watch me give detailed answers.

This bonus alone is worth the cost of the program. Consider it your private coaching time, where you get tips & training that’s specific to YOUR business.

bonus #3


(Value $2,697)

Each week you’re invited to join a LIVE call with an industry expert to dig deeper into each area of app production.

In my 10 years of producing apps, my greatest asset was always my professional network. Whether I had a technical question, design delima, or understanding legalise…these folks filled the gaps.

I’m opening this network to you, saving you time, money and frustration when it comes to the nitty gritty of app production.

Our experts include:

New experts will jump on randomly each week as well. These calls will be recorded for you to jump back to or review at anytime too.

bonus #4


(Value $997)

Available NO WHERE ELSE in the entire planet, you get an updated version of my best-seller, Idea to iPhone.

The new content includes:

  • how to increase app engagment
  • discovering opportunities in the app market
  • making money outside of the app
  • the beginner’s guide to analytics
  • teaming up with the pro’s

These are secrets that I’ve never shared before…held deep in my locked chest for no one to steal. But now I’m ready to bust them free so other indies can disrupt the app market with their big app ideas.

bonus #5


(Value $997)

Most apps fail because they cut corners…not because they’re lazy but because they simply don’t have the energy or time to do it all.

To instantly put you in the upper 3% of app producers, I’m giving you all my check lists, swipe files, and templates.

These will save you weeks of precious time:

  • molding your idea into an amazing app
  • discovering a tribe looking for you as their leader
  • crafting your story and pull at the heart strings
  • building a website that tells it all
  • pulling together a media packet that journalist adore
  • knowing what the heck to focus on each day

You’ll feel organized, confident and proud that your app is staying on course and on budget.

In addition, you’ll have access to weekly worksheets to help you focus on each part of the project and not letting details slip between the cracks

bonus #6


(Value $597)

Staying on top of all the details for your app project is like trying to suddenly grow two heads and six extra arms. I’m sharing my “extra” heads and arms with you with my complete online system.

This system will allow you to:

  • map out each phase of your project
  • stay on top of your expenses
  • manage your team
  • track bugs
  • communicate with your team
  • know what to focus on next

Instead of tracking your app project in three different places, everything will be organized in one location, keeping you sane throughout the design, development, launch and beyond.

I designed Idea to iPhone Masterclass to step you through EVERY part of the process–improving your idea, attracting a loyal tribe, and step-by-step instruction on design, development and launch. A process you can repeat over and over!

To make it even easier for you, I included special bonus packages that helps you fast track your app success. My goal is to get you to your first wildly profitable app as quickly as possible. The “Idea to iPhone Masterclass” is a proven map that will get you there, the special bonuses are the rocket fuel.

This extra special bonus package is only available for a limited-time so be sure to sign up before the offer ends! You won’t want to miss out on these!


Limited Spots Available

FREE to the 1st 500

Don’t waste your one precious life settling for what you can get. Decide to go after your dreams of having a best selling app like your life depends on it.

I’ll be waiting for you, my rock star!


Carla White

#1 App Producer, Author & Success Coach


What if I don’t have a solid app idea?


Good!! It’s a mistake to create an app only based on what you “think” people will want. This system shows you how to identify your community first, connect with them, discover what they want, and build an app that they are begging for!


Does this course use app builders?


No, this course is about creating unique apps that take advantage of all that devices have to offer. App builders don’t allow for that level of robustness. If you just want to just distribute content, an app builder might all be what you need. But if you want a unique app that will grow, a native app is the way to go.


I never created a piece of software in my life, can I really do this?


Absolutely! A majority of your success will come from focusing on the design and marketing…which you can nail. Then I’ll hold your hand through finding a developer, testing your app and getting it launched.


What if I get off track and need extra time to complete the program?


You will have lifetime access to this course, the community, and all recorded coaching calls – across any and all devices you own. There is no rush and we want you to complete the program at your own pace.


What if I can’t make the live calls?


When you enroll, you’ll have immediate access to our existing library of recorded coaching calls. All future live calls are recorded and will be placed in your membership portal so you can watch them at your convenience.


How much time will it take me to complete the course?


That’s completely up to you. It’s important to note this is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It takes time to build an app, grow your tribe, build trust, and to execute a launch. Launching an app takes time and so does this program. Most people take 60 days to learn and then IMPLEMENT. Sure, you can breeze through the videos quickly and read all the worksheets…but in order to get results, you must IMPLEMENT what you learned.


What is your return policy?


This program is for DOERS. If you DO the work and aren’t satisfied, that’s my fault and I’ll make it right. However, if you sign up and don’t take any action – that’s on YOU. Our full refund policy can be viewed right here.


Can’t I just figure this out on my own?


If I’m being perfectly honest…no. Sure, you can figure out how to create an app, but THIS COURSE shows you how to create a SUCCESSFUL app. Sales do not just happen because your app is out there. You need a proven system that you can use again and again because you’re building a sustainable business…not a one hit wonder.


Still have a question?


There’s more answers on the FAQ page. Efficiency is key, so please check that out first because I want you to get your answers FAST.



We think our products rock and are happy to give you a full refund should you feel otherwise! All requests for refunds must be made by contacting us WITHIN THE FIRST 14 DAYS after you have purchased the program. I repeat, all refund requests will be honored within the first 14 days of purchasing ONLY.


By registering for Carla White of Gratitude Labs LLC “Idea to iPhone” Master Class, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

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