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The absolute beginners guide to the key to happiness

Did you know that America is the most drugged up country in the world…? Hands down. No competition. In fact, 70% of Americans are on at least 1 prescription drug. While 25% take 5 or more a day! What the f…..??? Let’s talk about the GIANT white elephant in the room…. Pharmaceutical companies are exploiting […]
Not too long ago, I was oblivious of my power …to the point of insomnia, overwork, stress eating, binge drinking, body aches, rapid aging… And then, thanks to my boys, I discovered a whole new way to live, think, exist in each moment. Today my soul is FULL and feeling so LOVED, my spirit shiny clean and I’m smiling ALL THE TIME just […]
This picture fell out of a box a few days ago while looking for a photo of Dad's red Chevy. I've been searching for it years. I'm sitting in front of Nandi statue in Mysore, India. It's November 2000 and I remember the the journey up the hills. My tut-tut driver, like a church lady with the hottest town gossip, announces that Al Gore just won the election . Having spent a good part of the Clinton-era working in DC, I'm feeling rather pleased about it. The news was like sweet incense to heighten an already glorious moment.
“But Dad, I’m only nine and I can barely reach the pedals!” I protested. “Jump in. I’ll teach you,” he replied. Grabbing a phone book, he explained the difference between the gas and brake, then I drive him to his brother’s farm, in a trance of terror. “Slowing-down-to-turn” wasn’t part of our one minute lesson, so Dad grabbed the […]
My creative muse has been busy lately. Last week I made a fun little video for a show a new show by Apple called Planet Of The Apps (cute title, no?). I’ll share that video and all the juicy details once I know more. But first I want to show you some mockups of the new Mojo app. […]
Here’s a little gift from me to you for the weekend. The idea is that you meditate on the quote as you’re coloring. And come Monday, we’ll all be grabbing the week with gusto ready to break our own glass ceilings. Relax, renew, and keep going. Download the free coloring page here. Love & Gratitude, Carla […]
Dear Facebook, Hey. It’s Carla. Look, we need to talk. This isn’t easy to say since we’ve been together so long, but we need to break up. I’d love to say “It’s not you, it’s us” but it’s totally you. Not to be rude, but you aren’t the inspiring, funny social network I fell in love with […]
  This morning I woke up to this email from a complete stranger…. Hi Carla I just wanted to say a big thank you for writing “Idea to iPhone.” A year ago I took the first steps into the complex world of apps and app development and quickly became completely overwhelmed and lost. Then I […]