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I got your back.

My creative muse has been busy lately. Last week I made a fun little video for a show a new show by Apple called Planet Of The Apps (cute title, no?). I’ll share that video and all the juicy details once I know more. But first I want to show you some mockups of the new Mojo app. […]
Let the crazies rule the world for they aren’t any different than you and me. Let’s be honest, crazy actually smells pretty delicious and tempting. It’s freedom wrapped in bliss, topped with side-splitting laughter with everyone looking. Let’s tip our toes in crazy and act like we don’t care. Just for an afternoon, let the belly laughs take […]
Most of us have an unlived life that is begging to burst free. It’s evidence haunts us from the unfinished manuscript, the dusty treadmill, the unopened credit card bill.  Ever wanted to live in another country? Perform on a stage? Or build your own company? Yes, me too. My fear, resistance, and self doubt is like […]
What is the one thing you want most right now? A higher paying job? A hot date? A knock out bod? Here’s the (not so much) secret. Networking is the mojo of grabbing life by the horns and getting all those things. Just two minutes of face-to-face time results into far more powerful and longer lasting relationship that dozens of likes, comments and shares. You are surrounded by people who want […]
Raise your hand if you  instantly think of Stuart Smalley whenever you hear the word “affirmation”. Thanks to him, affirmations were the “powdered sugar” of therapy; nicely sprinkled as a extra boost when I need it most – breakups, job loss or short on cash. A good one motivates me to keep  moving forward. The best might get printed and posted on a bedroom mirror. Then […]
Charles Bukowski once said,”If something bad happens you drink to forget; if something good happens you drink to celebrate; and if nothing happens you drink to make something happen.” That pretty much sums up my adult life so by time I turned 32, I was a bonafide “take-the-edge-off-aholic”, grateful for society’s blind acceptance of the daily glass of red and […]