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Tips you won’t find in Who Moved My Cheese

My creative muse has been busy lately. Last week I made a fun little video for a show a new show by Apple called Planet Of The Apps (cute title, no?). I’ll share that video and all the juicy details once I know more. But first I want to show you some mockups of the new Mojo app. […]
I’m producing my first new app in nearly six years; Mojo : More than a Journal is a spin-off of the Gratitude app released in 2008. The idea didn’t lightning-bolt strike me but rather prodded at me for months through people I trust. In other words, you guys asked me overandoverandover for a new Gratitude app and I finally listened. As the idea morphed from […]
Most of us have an unlived life that is begging to burst free. It’s evidence haunts us from the unfinished manuscript, the dusty treadmill, the unopened credit card bill.  Ever wanted to live in another country? Perform on a stage? Or build your own company? Yes, me too. My fear, resistance, and self doubt is like […]
Raise your hand if you  instantly think of Stuart Smalley whenever you hear the word “affirmation”. Thanks to him, affirmations were the “powdered sugar” of therapy; nicely sprinkled as a extra boost when I need it most – breakups, job loss or short on cash. A good one motivates me to keep  moving forward. The best might get printed and posted on a bedroom mirror. Then […]
The product description might be one of the most overlooked marketing opportunities available to developers. Yes, a well written product description entices people to tap that darling Download button so they can get the full picture. But more importantly, a good description is packed with just the right keywords, fueling  discovery. So why do so […]
NOTE: This is Part 2 of “Hiring iOS Developers Success” (Read Part 1 Here) In the last seven years, I’ve hired over a dozen developers; some were overseas shops I found online, while others were freelancers I met through the iOS community. I discovered my first developer through an online marketplace called, and the relationship […]
Without a doubt, picking your developer can be the most overwhelming and difficult part of the project. If you don’t understand a framework from a factory, how will you know the developer is someone you can trust to do a quality job for a reasonable price? Here’s the catch. You can pay someone thousands to […]
Pinpointing a target audience often trips up developers, who find it irresistible to be all things for everyone. But the truth is that before deciding exactly what your app will do, it’s important to think clearly about whom you’re building it for. It’s the first step in creating an app that people want. It’s tempting […]
If you’re building an app and wishing you had paid more attention in art class, you’ll be pleased to know that what you learned in first grade is good enough. That’s because exquisite design is about making an app easy and enjoyable to use, not just composing a masterpiece worthy of a spot in the Louvre. […]
Unlike the Twinkies you stockpiled in the pantry, the enthusiasm developers have for a new project has limited shelf life. When it fades, the motivation is gone, and the project slowly goes as sour as two-week-old milk. But when developers are high on inspiration, their productivity goes through the roof. During my career, I’ve worked […]
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