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I hone my intuition to craft inspiring articles,  build apps, partner with uplifting clients, and to push the envelope on female success (hint, it isn't about perfecting the eyebrow or growing a pair of lady balls).  

Perhaps you discovered me  in the New York Times, The Telegraph, Oprah, BBC, and countless other major media across the globe. I'm the first woman to ever produce a mobile app (still waiting for Wikipedia to latch onto that one) and I wrote the book Idea to iPhone (Wiley, 2013).  🤘🏼
The secret to having it all is knowing you already do.
– Unknown
Early in life I knew that we are all connected on deeper level.  Travel became the novocaine to my insatiable desire to to discover more. Unstoppable and brave, I packed up my Chrysler Cordoba two days after high school and drove coast to coast then lived in Europe for years. I financed my travels by teaching myself how to code which thankfully brought me back into the world of design. 

But most importantly is this: In each of us is some crazy delicious super powers that we barely engage. In other words, you have some serious mojo that is available to you right now and when you tap into that power, you are unstoppable. 

This is the (not so much) secret behind my app success, my simple designs, my outreach, my philanthropy and pretty much every breath. We live in amazing times. The fact that we are connect here is absolute proof of that.
Carla White is a ridiculously dedicated app producer, writer, teacher and spiritual speaker – and the most inspiring friend you’ll ever meet.

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