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Quit my day job and launch my boutique consultancy practice, designing apps, writing books, public speaking, and mentoring.
Started my first Gratitude Journal which completely changed my life. Became a spiritual junkie and launched the Gratitude app.
My dad suddenly passes away cascading me into a deep depression. My husband and I move to Dakota to be closer to my family.
I landed my dream job in London and travelled the world. Glitter was littering shooting from my eyeballs for years.
The Rockies become my home so I can learn how to snowboard. I later gift my board to my friend in the photo.
My beat-up Chevy and I go coast to coast, twice. First to Cali to surf, then to DC for my first big girl job at the Pentagon.
Studied in Germany for a year ignited my freedom from traditional beliefs; learning languages, traveling solo, and discovering new ways of living.
Born to a farmer and a photographer, I inherited my dad’s work ethics and resourcefulness and my mom’s artistic eye.