Why 2016 Rocked

Can we please beating a new drum declaring that 2016 was the best years ever?

Wasn’t this the year we realized more than ever what we want out of life?

What we want out of our leaders?

Out of our jobs?

Our health?

Our friends?

Wasn’t this the no-bullshit year where we finally took the time to figure out how to contact our government in a way that they might actually listen?

Wasn’t this the year a peaceful protest was won?

Wasn’t this the year that creative souls who lived in constant pain were finally free to influence us in ways they never could have before?

Wasn’t this the year that women lead with a courage never before seen in the past few decades?

Wasn’t this the year that strangers all over the planet quickly pulled together to help our friends in Aleppo? What if we pulled that power together daily?

Wasn’t this the year we realize, more now that ever, the value of mental health? How important it is to talk about it? And how common it is to have “issues” with it?

Wasn’t this the year major brands embraced our diversity rather than asking us to water them down with products?

Wasn’t this the year that millions pissed themselves laughing to a Chewbacca mask?

I firmly believe that each moment of bad news is met with trillions and trillions of moments of amazing-jaw-dropping good news.

It’s just those moments don’t get the same knee jerk reaction out of the viewing audience, so they aren’t poured through our social outlets by the big media.

Instead we are pummeled by the same bad news over and over and over again. And when CNN finally cuts to a commercial, they swoon us with products that will cure our anxiety-induced ailments.

What if for the remainder of 2016, we turn off the main media and for a few days just focus on the good news. Purely the good news.

This isn’t a “head-in-the-sand” request. Rather, viewing the flip side. The positive side. The other end of the stick.

What’s the worse that could happen? Or maybe, what’s the best that can happen?

There’s only one way to find out.




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