I successfully been avoiding the pantsuit-combover vortex that is the 2016 time-suck. Until today.

I walked into the poling station at 7:10am like it was the Métiers d’Art runway feeling only slightly bummed that I wasn’t wearing an all white pantsuit.

While the world collectively tunes into the results, I resound to remember that regardless of who wins, there are always choices. Each second. Each moment. Each thought.

I can choose to focus on what will make me sick to my stomach, or what will make me feel good.

I will always, always, always choose to feel as great. As sure as gravity, there is always new ways to feel about situations.

This is so vital because we must keep a place in us that is unviolated. It is up to us to protect that sacred part of ourselves. To keep it pristine, clean. Nobody has the right to curse you or treat you badly. Nobody. No mother, no wife, no husband, no father, NO BODY.

Say “No” when it’s no. “Back it up. Not me you don’t.” Because that place has to remain clean and clear.

As history unfolds, remember your choices. Remember your true self. Respect that in you and those next to you. And know that we will be just fine.



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