Archive of month: June 2015

I simply love how meditation can unlock so much hidden potential, power and clarity. One of my favorites is to listen to Bob Proctor’s abundance meditation every day for 30 days then watch as life explodes with possibility. Seriously. Everything I visualized in this mediation has come true. It’s crae-zy! I listen to it just […]
In February 2015 we welcomed our crazy handsome son and, as all new moms know, I instantly aged 10 years. Sleepless nights, stressing over reflux and time with my first son, and the isolation. Then I was introduced to Peace & Calming essential oil by Young Living. A friend defused a couple drops in the […]
I’d like to share a campaign I just launched called #BeyondtheBuises – an incredible side project I’ve been leading for the past year with SWHR (Society for Women’s Health Research). The goal is to bring awareness to the link between domestic violence and chronic disease. Funded by the Verizon Foundation, I was awarded the grant in October 2015 and […]
The last few months have given me a new perspective on life that I really want to share with you, so I revamped my blog (sexy, no?). I went from being a burnt-out-freelancer to an exhausted-new-mom to feeling like a million bucks. The time away from my desk allowed me to explore ways to improve my health, focus on projects […]