Hi, I'm Carla.

Named top women in tech by Fast Company, I produce apps that bust away mental junk, unleashing  your true amazing self and life. I’m also a mentor, speaker, philanthropist and trusted voice of female empowerment. In short, I get paid for being me.

See, 10 years ago I had the mother of all colds. It turned out to be pneumonia…and depression. So I was prescribed Xanax. But instead of taking the pills, I took a journal and wrote 5 things that were great each day. That’s it. And in just a few weeks my life did a complete 180.

It was such a miracle, I wanted to tell the entire word about it, so I made the Gratitude app. Then I devoured everything about the brain, physics, marketing, human psychology.  Guys, it’s scientifically proven that we can rewire our minds. This isn’t airy-fairy stuff. This is PROVEN.

My following of more than 70,000 + readers are folks just like you...unlearning the stuff that doesn't serve them so they can take the bull by the horns.  Join our family so we may connect again.

Let’s Cut the 💩

Did you know that America is the most drugged up country in the world…? Hands down. No competition. In fact, 70% of Americans are on at least 1 prescription drug. While 25% take 5 or more a day! What the f…..??? Let’s talk about the GIANT white elephant in the room…. Pharmaceutical companies are exploiting […]

One pixel that puts everything into perspective

This photo — which looks like something my mom took 30 years ago on a point and shoot camera — blows my mind. If you’ve never seen this photo before, be prepared to be humbled. First, take a good look at that little dot — it could be photo bombing flea. Which is almost right. But so much more. That dot […]

Before You Can Master life, You Must Master Meditation

You don’t need a special cushion, mantra, app, or beads. Just sit down for ten minutes and breath. That’s it. You don’t need an alter with meaningful trinkets; everything you have is inside of you. Breath in and count, breath out and count. Focus on something like a fan or a dripping faucet. Something steady […]

How I Quit Booze the Blissful Way

I was a take-the-edge-off-aholic for decades. Then one day I decided to just take a break. Not quit, but take a break - much easier. Let me tell you how it's done.

The Only Thing I Need

Not too long ago, I was oblivious of my power …to the point of insomnia, overwork, stress eating, binge drinking, body aches, rapid aging… And then, thanks to my boys, I discovered a whole new way to live, think, exist in each moment. Today my soul is FULL and feeling so LOVED, my spirit shiny clean and I’m smiling ALL THE TIME just […]
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