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Named top women in tech by Fast Company, I produce apps that unearth your true bliss. I’m also a mentor, speaker, philanthropist and trusted voice of female empowerment. In short, I get paid for being me.

Thanks to you, I'm produced a new app called Mojo (more than a journal). It’s a spin-off of my most popular app, Gratitude, which has helped thousands unlock better lives for themselves.

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Why 2016 Rocked

Can we please beating a new drum declaring that 2016 was the best years ever? Wasn’t this the year we realized more than ever what we want out of life? What we want out of our leaders? Out of our jobs? Our health? Our friends? Wasn’t this the no-bullshit year where we finally took the time to figure out how to contact our government […]


This picture fell out of a box a few days ago while looking for a photo of Dad's red Chevy. I've been searching for it years. I'm sitting in front of Nandi statue in Mysore, India. It's November 2000 and I remember the the journey up the hills. My tut-tut driver, like a church lady with the hottest town gossip, announces that Al Gore just won the election . Having spent a good part of the Clinton-era working in DC, I'm feeling rather pleased about it. The news was like sweet incense to heighten an already glorious moment.


I successfully been avoiding the pantsuit-combover vortex that is the 2016 time-suck. Until today. I walked into the poling station at 7:10am like it was the Métiers d’Art runway feeling only slightly bummed that I wasn’t wearing an all white pantsuit. While the world collectively tunes into the results, I resound to remember that regardless of […]


“But Dad, I’m only nine and I can barely reach the pedals!” I protested. “Jump in. I’ll teach you,” he replied. Grabbing a phone book, he explained the difference between the gas and brake, then I drive him to his brother’s farm, in a trance of terror. “Slowing-down-to-turn” wasn’t part of our one minute lesson, so Dad grabbed the […]

Want To See My Mojo?

My creative muse has been busy lately. Last week I made a fun little video for a show a new show by Apple called Planet Of The Apps (cute title, no?). I’ll share that video and all the juicy details once I know more. But first I want to show you some mockups of the new Mojo app. […]
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