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I'm Carla White, the creator of the popular Gratitude Journal app and author of the book Idea to iPhone. I design stunning yet intuitive apps and strategize their success. I'm also on a mission to get everyone addicted to gratitude and giving back.

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Born to a farmer and a photographer, I inherited my dad's work ethics and resourcefulness and my mom's artistic eye. I was also born with an insatiable curiosity, which earned me an alphabet soup of degrees, but more importantly provoked me to travel the world.

I've ventured to all corners of the globe, lived in Europe for over 10 years and speak multiple languages. My life recently has come full circle and I now reside back in my home state of South Dakota with my amazing husband, insanely dashing son and enthusiastic dog. I'm a yoga and running addict who also loves to throw a mean dinner party.

Why I  Design

As a usability expert, I love getting inside people’s head and discovering what makes sense. Mobile devices have such great ways of offering intuitive designs, and I love putting it all together.

Why I  Coffee

After ten years in London, I became a hardcore tea drinker, milk and no sugar. Hobb Nobbs too if they’re around. Otherwise, Timtams will do just fine, thank you.

My Theme Song

I discovered What I Am on Sesame Street of all places! But it’s sung by so it’s cool. It’s the perfect song for those days when you can’t quite find your superpowers.


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1-On-1 Consulting

Unique cranium snapping conversations for surfacing opportunities and zooming in strategies for your mobile app. Cost is $500 with 10% donated to charity.

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Public Speaking

I talk on a wide range of topics including app success, women in tech, gratitude, and running a startup. Drop me a message to arrange for me to present at your event.

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I contribute as a guest writer to established news sites on the topics of mobile apps, gratitude, and business development.

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The Team

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Meet my team

Over the years my tiny 1-person studio has mushroomed into a very busy 1-person studio (now with a dog). I partner with some of the most amazing artists and developers on the planet and build my teams as talent is needed.


Best Friend

I love you already and when we meet, I will greet you with all my heart and enthusiasm. My specialities include playing fetch, chasing rabbits and napping.



In addition to consulting, I’m also advisor to a number of non-profits like SWHR-Verizon Domestic Violence Network. Yoga and running keep me sane and travel is my mentor.

  • Her book is something all potential app creators should read!

  • Carla put her whole heart into our project, as if her own money was on the line.

    Mohan Gulati
  • She truly cares about your success and will go the extra mile to make sure you achieve it.

    Kirsten Jensen


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